Awaken the Wisdom of Your Heart

Awaken the Wisdom of Your Heart

This is the third installment in my blog series covering the five Co-Creative Powers . This issue is about the Co-Creative Power of our feelings. You can read about the first two Co-Creative Powers: Energy and Mind on my website.


In Your Heart You Already Know – Zen saying

Your feelings are a power guide that can lead you to your heart’s desires. So how do you bring this incredible Co-Creative Power of Feelings fully on board? How do you awaken the heart?

We intuitively associate feelings with the heart. We say, “Have a heart”, meaning be compassionate, or “I had a change of heart” when our feelings shift, and “It was heartfelt” to convey sincerity or depth of feeling. As well, we remind one another to “follow your heart” because we intuitively sense that our hearts are intelligent – a belief that research confirms. It is a scientific fact that a large percentage of the heart’s cells are neural cells, functioning similarly to the brain, making the heart a cognitive organ of perception.

Scientists have found that the heart sends and receives electromagnetic signals that we experience as emotional messages. These are processed in specific centers of the brain, in the same manner as the more common senses of sight and smell. Our “heart brain,” or nervous system within the heart, enables the heart to remember, learn, and make decisions independent of the brain’s cerebral cortex. This ability allows us to download stimulus directly through the heart,offering an intuitive comprehension of meaning without words.

To navigate in uncertain times we need to live as close to the truth as possible. Our ability to feel is a sixth sense that enables us to “know” something before we intellectually grasp it.

When we give ourselves permission to know what we really know, feel what we really feel, and say what we really mean, we not only feel free and alive, but we express our natural leadership gifts and contribute the very best of us.

Feelings—e-motions—are simply energy that needs to move. Feelings are messy, rowdy, and fluid.  By learning to fully process and work with your feelings instead of being their passive victim, you let your energy flow freely and you become a magnet for what you truly want.  

Guided by your feelings, you live more authentically, you begin to see how to transform even difficult emotions so that the love in you expands. By opening to the fluidity of feelings in your life, you increase your experience of connection, spontaneity, and enthusiasm. You simply feel more alive.

Feelings Checkup

Reflect upon each of the below questions, and answer them on the continuum of “mostly,” “rarely,” or “never.”

  • Are you aware of your feelings in the moment?
  • Do you embrace the gamut of emotions?
  • Are you guided by your feelings?
  • Do you hold your feelings loosely and fluidly?

Right now, take a deep breath and scan your body for a moment. What are you feeling and where does that feeling reside–your head, heart, solar plexus, belly? Now see if you can breathe into that feeling and let it flow through you, rather than attaching to it.

A deeper discussion of the 5 Co-Creative Powers, is contained in my book The 5 Co-Creative Powers For Women on The Rise.