How Spiral Up shapes workplace culture

We’ve spent years inside some of the world’s most respected companies, learning from their challenges and honing the insights, strategies, and tools needed to deliver measurable results in productivity and the attraction and retention of top talent.

Spiral Up’s tried-and-tested programs give modern leaders the robust inner tool kit they need to bolster their efficacy, enthusiasm, and well-being in the face of uncertainty and change. We transform high-potential employees into confident and empathetic leaders who can reach across the table (or through the screen) with humility, flexibility and the EQ required to navigate new social norms, tricky blind spots and a rapidly evolving landscape.

But Spiral Up doesn’t just provide a leadership playbook that inspires everyone to value, respect and welcome each other’s unique contributions, we show you how to create a sustainable workplace culture that elevates the tangible and financial gifts of diversity, actively advances women and enlists men as allies—ensuring your entire workforce is happier, more fulfilled and more engaged.

Full Spectrum Leadership

It takes all types of enlightened leaders to meet this moment—and inspire a diverse, multigenerational workplace to perform at their best. Our dual set of programs guide women in engaging their full, multifaceted potential as natural leaders while inspiring men to evolve—so they can communicate effectively, work through issues and help uplift their women colleagues. By providing men and women leaders with the unique learning experiences they need to become the best versions of themselves, and then setting the stage for their collaborative power, we give our organizations a powerful shared vision and a future with breakthrough innovation, healthier company cultures and greater impact for decades.

Women In Leadership Program

Unlocking Power & Potential

Research shows that when women lead, everyone benefits. In our flagship program, women tap into and grow their innate leadership skills, resolve internal and external obstacles to contributing powerfully, and build clarity, confidence, excitement and momentum for their career and future.

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Inclusive Leadership Program

Empowering Men as Allies

Awaken 21st century leaders to their critical role in evolving work culture. Develop their awareness, emotional literacy, and the skills they need to ally effectively—so they’re inspired to co-create structures and systems that help the collective succeed.

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Self Mastery

Gain clarity of purpose and vision, unlock your power and natural brilliance and utilize your creativity to make your mark in the world.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

For Leaders on the Rise

Gain the perspectives, skills and strategies necessary to meet new challenges, identify and harness unique strengths as a leader, assess and mitigate risks, communicate more effectively and cultivate emotional intelligence.

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Delivering Excellence Together

Gain a unified sense of purpose and commitment through a shared identity.

Team Reinvention

Creating Unstoppable Teams

Turn a group of individual contributors into a cohesive high-functioning team. Arm team members with the methodology to communicate and interact with each other in ways that build psychological safety, morale, and the contagious collaboration needed to achieve ambitious goals.

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