Spiral Up’s virtual and in person programs help women, allies, and teams unleash their potential to create thriving work cultures.

But don’t take it from us…

Read first-hand accounts of our clients’ career and life-altering experiences with Spiral Up below!

“Wendy is gifted master coach with exceptional listening skills. She helped me find and address blind spots, become more self-aware and gain clarity when I needed to in order to pursue my passions and vision. Growth Mindset is one of my values and Wendy was instrumental in challenging, guiding and supporting me at a time when it had a significant impact on my career. I warmly recommend working with Wendy and I’d love to work with her again in the future.”

— Tomer Cohen, Vice President of Product, LinkedIn

What is the Spiral Up Path?

“In my nearly 30 years working in the high-tech industry, few resources have been more critically important in developing my growth and confidence in embracing leadership qualities than Spiral Up’s Women In Leadership program. In WIL, I was encouraged to bring my unvarnished, imperfect self to each meeting, and to speak openly about my self-perceived weaknesses in a manner that enabled me to realize invaluable strengths.”

— Erika Mobley

“Wendy’s “Spiraling Upward” session positively affected every single person on my team, which is comprised of over-achievers who deal with a lot of fast moving parts and demanding, high expectations. My people gained new perspectives and techniques for managing that velocity without burnout. Wendy knows how to “read” the room and tailored her inspiring session to their most pressing needs: increasing confidence and resilience, managing the “inner critic” and owning their power. Many individuals had personal breakthroughs from her on-the-spot coaching. Everyone took away an actionable personalized “practice” and accountability partners to support them in up-leveling their performance, leadership, career and well-being.

Months after Wendy’s workshop, people have put into action her advice and have profoundly changed their lives , feeling more in control, more aware and happy with the path they are on.
With her fantastic range and abilities, Wendy was able to connect with each and every diverse person on our team and helped connect her knowledge with their strengths.”

— Alexandria Alvarez Gahagan Global Events, Amenities & Community Engagement Manager, Facebook

“This program opened my mind and created massive awareness of the female perspective and the “thousand papercuts” a day that they endure. I’m now super aware of the differences in how men and women see the world and approach and solve for problems… and the need for us as men to listen, listen, listen!”

— Director, Global tech company

Spiral Up taught me to balance achieving “doing” energy with nurturing “being” energy

“The Spiral Up process really reminded me of the importance of living in integrity with myself, and now I’m able to make room for things that are purposeful and meaningful.” – Rosanne

Spiral Up guided me from being laid off to the job of my dreams

“I walked in devastated, near tears, and when I shared the news (that I had been laid off) with the Spiral Up group, what came at me was love, and support, and encouragement, and this idea that I was now free to pick what would make me happy, what would be fulfilling and talk about getting unstuck.” – Lisa

Spiral Up taught me to harness my intentions and manifest my dream career

“I’m a healthier, happier, whole person who’s ready for whatever the next adventure is. It’s just around the corner, I’m trying to see around the corner, and with this group’s help, I know I’ll land in a good place.” – Karen

“Wendy did an excellent job of customizing a ‘transformation’ webinar for Intel – she has great presentation skills and relates well to her audience.”

— Linda Kenworthy, Health & Life Sciences Director, Americas Sales at Intel