Become a Wide Receiver – Open Up Your Energy

Become a Wide Receiver – Open Up Your Energy

This blog post is the first in a series on the 5 co-creative powers: energy, mind, feelings, speech, and action.

Reality is extraordinarily fluid, constantly changing, mutating, and evolving.  When we feel energy streaming through us we are living as spiritour  core essence. Its only when weve pinched off that flow that we cut ourselves off from our current of well-being. To flow spontaneously and effortlessly, we have to be aware of, and step away from, thoughts that are energetically heavy or dense, and move instead toward thoughts that make us feel emotionally fluid and light.

When we are living by default, we dont control the energy we generate; we just receive whatever it happens to attract, then wonder why certain things happen or dont happen in our lives. Energy is vibration in the literal and physical as well as the esoteric sense.  As we start to live more consciously, we positively activate the Co-Creative Power of Energy by learning to raise our frequency and direct it so that it is consistent with the vibration of our higher self and what we want more of.

When the energy channels of our spiral are open, we are more available to experience miracles. We tune in to subtle messages and transmit our intentions to the universe without static or interference. Flowing energy leads us to exude confidence and primes the rest of our Co-Creative Powers.

We have storehouses of this valuable resource (energy) within us, but we sometimes think that joy, enthusiasm, or even a cheerful mood happens purely by accident. We call on the Co-Creative Power of Energy as we summon radiant, loving, and magnetic energy on demand.

To create a juicy future that is beyond anything youve yet experienced, your energy must be flowing in this way. Dancing, running, laughing, and sex are just some of the activities that return us to our most fluid selves. Youve probably experienced the mood-lifting benefits of exercise.

Contemplative practices are also effective energy shifters. You can do a complete turnaround in your energy and your day simply by taking five minutes to sit quietly and deepen your breathing. In each Turning of the Spiral, you will discover new and different ways to free the flow of your energy.

Energy Check up

Reflect upon each of these questions and answer them on the continuum of mostly,”  “sometimes,” “rarely,or never.

  • Are you aware of the energy you emit?
  • Are you aware of the impact your energy has on others?
  • Do you think of your energy as an asset that draws positive situations and people to you?
  • Are you aware of othersenergy?
  • How often do you consciously shift and uplift your energy?

Take a moment right now and lift your energy or mood from wherever it is to a little bit higher place. You can do it! Once you do, notice what is possible that wasnt possible before.