The Co-Creative Power of Action – Be True to Your Soul’s Intent

The Co-Creative Power of Action – Be True to Your Soul’s Intent

In order to create a glorious alivelihood we need to become skillful in the domain of inspired actions. When you act from what inspires you, what feels “right” moment to moment, you self-ACTualize. It takes conscious intention to act not from “automatic” but from “choice” on behalf of the person you were born to be.

This is the fifth installment in my blog series covering the five Co-Creative powers . This issue is about the Co-Creative Power of Actions. You can read my blogs about the first four Co-Creative Powers: Energy, Mind, Feelings, and Speech on my website here {}

Action is the final Co-Creative Power because it is the natural byproduct of energy, mind, feelings, and speech. Action is where you get to walk your talk and be the change! It is the bridge between dreams and reality. It is where you show up and step out in alignment with your deepest integrity and soul’s intent. This is where miracles can occur–sometimes glitzy, bling-big miracles, and sometimes small and tender ones.

Yet not all actions lead us where our souls want to go. Inspired action can prove elusive as we juggle too many tasks, race to meet self-imposed and external deadlines, and remain senselessly busy. We often work so hard to make money and maintain our lifestyles that we feel too drained to respond to our deeper calling. Many of us find it hard to believe that working at what we love is economically feasible. Meanwhile, pedal to the metal, we rush into action often bypassing the road signs that point to our true destination. Pure masculine drive without feminine receptivity is like an unguided missile.

But when we trust the universal energy of the spiral, our feminine receptivity informs our direction. We become aware of what we want by encountering what we don’t want. With self-awareness we discover who we are by realizing who we are not. We recognize that the very challenge that we face right now is shaping us into our greater self. Our feminine receptivity allows us to be transformed by life’s lessons and our masculine energy enables us to act from this new place. In tune with our inner guidance we know what is ours to do. Even in the face of fear, we are empowered to act with integrity and heart. Stewarded by the upward impulse of the spiral, we no longer depend on sheer will and effort.

Inspired action happens naturally when we pay attention to the moments when we feel most alive and engaged. They whet our appetites for more opportunities that resonate with our hearts, and even though they might feel outside our comfort zone, we go for it! We devote time, energy, and attention to what lights us up. By being open to our divine ideas and inner clues, as well as the clues from our environment, we continually tack in the direction of our soul’s impulse, finding and expressing more and more of our unique gifts.  

Even one small step in the direction of what lights you up can change the course of your journey and lead you to fulfillment. This is inspired action.

We’re here on earth to self-ACTualize, to do the work of our soul, our higher self. In order to self-ACtualize, we have to move beyond our ego motivation and begin to embody our full potential. Your spirit or soul is the impetus in you to want to be better, do better, and make the world a better place. It can easily be confused with the voice of the ego that just wants more things. We know that we are evolving beyond ego motivation when simply chalking up “more” is no longer enough. It’s important to identify what is motivating our actions. Inspired action is acting on behalf of what brings you alive.

Action Checkup

Reflect upon each of these questions, and answer them on the continuum of “mostly,” “sometimes,” “rarely,” or “never.”

  • Are you aware of what actions bring you alive?
  • Are some of your actions in service of your deeper calling?
  • Do you act outside your comfort zone even if you’re afraid?

At the end of each day ask yourself, ‘what lit me up today?’ Do more of that tomorrow.

“It’s triumphant to wake up to life. I feel a tremendous sense of liberation. You want to be able to use both your intuitive side and your go-get-’em side!”  –Meg Ryan

A deeper discussion of the 5 Co-Creative Powers, is contained in my book The 5 Co-Creative Powers For Women on The Rise.