Women’s Confidence & Clarity Kickstart

Reconnecting, Reclaiming and Rising in 2021

Having our world, home and work lives upended by the global pandemic has rocked many of us to our core—shaking our confidence and opening our eyes to aspects of our modern work lives that just don’t work for us. In fact, a recent survey of women in my Spiral Up network shows that women are most concerned right now about whether their present role/job aligns with their deeper needs and goals. And their biggest desire in the moment is to build confidence and have a bigger impact in their work and lives. So I’ve created a six-part virtual coaching-based program designed to help you do just that: align with your needs and heart’s calling and build belief in your ability to have the impact you’re capable of—regardless of what is happening in the world around you.

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Working with Wendy in an intimate group of committed, like-minded women you will:

  • Say goodbye to 2020 you and define you today: at the intersection of your talents, joys and values
  • Realize that there is a greater force propelling us to rise right now—and feel energized by the opportunities
  • Release what no longer serves you—including the limiting beliefs that constrict your future narrative
  • Tune into and be guided by the inner wisdom and power you already have
  • Tap into the ferocity of the feminine to set clear boundaries and care for yourself
  • Call in the confidence to find your brave and make the impact you crave
  • Create community and momentum through a supportive network of professional women on a parallel journey of self discovery and actualization

**Due to the intimate nature of this program, space is limited to 10.**

Program starts January 14, 2021 and runs every other Thursday until March 25th.


$1,000 off Buddy Discount:
Bring a friend (2nd participant is half price).

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