How to Go Big Picture to Immediately Align with What Matters to You

How to Go Big Picture to Immediately Align with What Matters to You

As things rev up in the Fall we often feel a tension between the momentum of our “survival” needs (“keeping up and catching up”) and our heartfelt intentions for the future…to Spiral Up towards more happiness and fulfillment!

Here’s a quick way to go Big Picture and immediately align with what matters to you.

  • On a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle. Title the left column What’s Keeping Me Busy. Simply list 3-5 things that take the majority of your time. These might be activities like delivering on a job or project, taking care of someone, social media, etc. All worthwhile things!
    In my Keeping Me Busy column I wrote, “preparing for upcoming presentations”, “looking into high schools for my 14 yr-old”, “paying bills”.
  • In the right column, titled Desired Outcomes, list a minimum of two things that if even
    one of them happened by the end of 2015, you would be ELATED. In my Desired
    Outcomes column I wrote “create a stronger relationship with the people in my network (you!)”, “find a way to deliver the gold nuggets of my book to more women online”, “share the responsibilities of mothering”, “learn to play the ukulele”.

Okay, here is the magic.

Right now, this very minute, take just one action on behalf of a Desired Outcome. It can be anything—big or small: schedule a meeting or call, sign up for a spinning class, send an email, search for ukulele teachers.

When we take actions in alignment with what we really, really want, we’re happier right now and we’re on course for our true Spiral Up journey.

Let’s help each other achieve our Desired Outcomes!