Mind – The 2nd Co-Creative Power

Mind – The 2nd Co-Creative Power

Mind – The 2nd Creative PowerMany of us believe that we are what we think. It’s easy to see why. All day long our minds talk to us. It’s as if we have an endless radio “Thought Show” going on in our heads, and because we never turn it off, we eventually come to think of our thoughts as who we are. We can get so caught up in our thoughts that they lead us around like a dog sniffing at everything along its path.

The point is not to turn off the radio––it wouldn’t be possible anyway––but we do need to change channels. Psychologists tell us that we think an average of 65,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day, and that about 90 percent of them are repetitive and negative. The voice in our head is more often than not hypercritical, self-sabotaging, and a downright bully! Remember, in a Spiral universe, as above so below, as within so without. Like the film in a movie projector, our most frequently played narrative––or thoughts––will eventually materialize on the big screen of our lives. Whatever we’re thinking circulates back to us, not just the goodwill, optimism and love we intend, but also the worry, bitterness, or smallness we harbor in our minds.

Beneath our negative thinking patterns, however, runs a deeper stream of truth. No matter what has happened in your life so far, it doesn’t have to define you. You are an ever-shifting expression of a magnificent and unlimited ocean of potentiality; you are capable of so much more than you can ever imagine. Every one of us has a deep desire to grow. Perhaps you’ve felt an inkling that you are meant for something meaningful or significant. Or maybe you’ve heard encouraging whispers to simply discover more of yourself and your gifts. We long to live our full potential and to give our gifts in an ever-expanding way. This sacred mission is an honorable and worthy life endeavor. Not only because we need to do something meaningful in the world, but because to actualize we must grow out of our small self and claim our divine birthright––our whole, complete and unlimited self.

Discovering our Daimon

Every one of us has immense interior resources. The ancient Greeks called it our inner spirit or Daimon, the genius of our soul. If you are sensing a deep desire to express yourself at a new level, that is your Daimon nudging you to grow into your potential. To evolve we must stop looking outside of ourselves, quiet our minds, and tune into the wisdom of our Daimon––our Inner Authority. From this place, our thoughts don’t run us any more. Like writers selecting what words to use, we learn to receive our thoughts without judgment, release those that don’t serve us, and refocus our minds on what brings us alive. We become artful editors of our internal stories. We re-imagine our life as a heroine’s tale deserving of respect and compassion, and we welcome challenge as part of creating an inspired life—while never forgetting we are the tellers of our own tale. Compassionately greeting, questioning and turning around unconscious thought chains, we train our focus on our highest good. This is how we exercise our ability to choose joy, love and goodness in every moment. The ancient Greeks pictured their Daimon as a golden figurine that would be revealed by cracking away an outer layer of cheap pottery (one’s superficial self). This is our journey: the revealing of what’s already true about us; the unveiling of our essence. Our task is to unlayer beliefs of separation, smallness and unworthiness and come into the full expression of our most golden selves.

Your Mind as Divine Headquarters

Moment-to-moment, we can choose to come from this expansive self––the generous, wise spiritual “I” that knows everything is going to work out. This is very different than listening to the fearful, small, oft-complaining voice in our heads that scares the heck out of us with its catastrophic predictions. Even if covered over for days, months or years, we each have this deep well within where peace, passion and wisdom live. The word idea has the Latin “dea” within it meaning deity or goddess. When your Mind is open and clear it works like a satellite receiver for Divine direction. The word desire, holds the French “de” and “sire” or  “of the Father.” Your true desires are like personal messages from Divine Headquarters guiding you toward your purpose. When we trust the messages from our own life, from our own body, intuition and feelings, we heed our Inner Authority—we listen to our Daimon. This spirit within you longs to be used by something greater and to become the grandest possible version of yourself. When you recognize you are a spark of the Divine, you become powerful beyond measure. As you enter more deeply into the Creative Power of Mind, you will learn the skills of Receiving, Releasing and Refocusing the Mind to Spiral Up! Choosing to listen to your true self rather than your false self, your life becomes a reflection of inner plenty. You learn to let go of automatic thoughts and rewrite your inner script to create a new story—the one you were always meant to live. In this way, you embrace the power and joy that comes from assuming spiritual authority of your own life.  

When I’m trusting and being myself as fully as possible, everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously. -Shakti Gawain