If You Only Stop Singing, I’ll Make You Safe

If You Only Stop Singing, I’ll Make You Safe

Thanks to all of you who listened to and commented on my first podcast on What is it to be a Powerful Woman today? Together, we are exploring a different concept of power–not as power-over, but as power-with, which is a natural expression when we feel power-within.

We know it’s time to recognize the ways that patriarchy tries to keep everyone in very narrow gender constructs that inhibit our wholeness. But just as you cannot heal a tree by simply tending to its branches, before we can address the costs of the patriarchal system, we need to take a look at its roots.

In this second podcast, If You Only Stop Singing, I’ll Make You Safe, (a title taken from a poem by David Whyte), we explore the back story of how women came to be excluded from the power structure in the first place.

When did women stop singing? What bargains did we make that involved us giving up our power? What can we discover by uncovering the roots of our predicament?

Knowledge of how we got here holds incredible answers for how we can change the system. The good news is that patriarchy is a very recent construct. Before patriarchy there was matriarchy, and, better still, many examples of societies where the masculine and feminine were in balance.

Please join me as the conversation about women and power continues. With my friend and interviewer, Mary Reynolds Thompson, we are about to take a deep dive into how we got here and what that means for us moving forward.

If you haven’t already, you can listen here to the first podcast, When Sleeping Women Wake. Or simply tune into our second podcast, If You Only Stop Singing.

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Together, we are forging a new definition of power.