Women in Leadership Program

Unlocking Power & Potential

Research shows that when women lead, everyone benefits. In our flagship program, women tap into and grow their innate leadership skills, resolve internal and external obstacles to contributing powerfully, and build clarity, confidence, excitement and momentum for their career and future.

Through mutual support, an accountability partner and a women’s leadership coach, women experience the inspiring power of community—and the benefits of having a trusted someone in their corner. Together, they overcome the scarcity mindset, develop their 5 co-creative powers and craft strategies that help them express their creativity, authenticity, voice and power—affecting the changes they’re most passionate about.

“In my nearly 30 years working in the high-tech industry, few resources have been more critically important in developing my growth and confidence in embracing leadership qualities than Spiral Up’s Women In Leadership program. In Women in Leadership, I was encouraged to bring my unvarnished, imperfect self to each meeting, and to speak openly about my self-perceived weaknesses in a manner that enabled me to realize invaluable strengths.”

— Erika Mobley

Program details

Through a blend of 9 virtual modules, 5 one-on-one professional coaching sessions and a unique focus on mutually beneficial partnerships, women:

  • Become more authentic, influential and confident leaders
  • Build community and increase their sense of belonging
  • Navigate skillfully in ambiguous and even challenging environments
  • Leverage female partnerships to amplify each other’s voices and achieve goals
  • Successfully use their five Co-Creative Powers to
    • Increase executive presence
    • Own their narrative
    • Identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs
    • Increase agency through conscious communication
    • Become more visible
    • Practice smart and courageous risk-taking
    • Build resilience and well-being by optimizing energy
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“I’ve heard from my team and others who’ve participated, and in one person – I saw a real difference. From how she started the course, how she carried herself, the kinds of things she would bring, the tools she’d use, the language, her personal courage to open up and own parts of herself that I hadn’t seen or experienced before from her.”

— Manager, Fortune 10 Tech Company

VIDEO OVERVIEW: What is the Spiral Up Path?

Wendy Wallbridge describes the integration of masculine and feminine strengths and how to lead with our authentic selves.


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“This course shocked me out of complacency and taught me how to step into my power. The power of my expertise, my knowledge, my experience and my right to be here.”

— Director, Global 10 tech company