The Words You Speak Become the House You Live In

The Words You Speak Become the House You Live In

“The words you speak become the house you live in.” –Attributed to Hafiz

This is the fourth installment in my blog series covering the five Co-Creative powers . This issue is about the Co-Creative Power of our speech. You can read about the first three Co-Creative Powers: Energy, Mind, and Feelings on my website

Words are the building blocks of the reality that we are constantly co-creating. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, points to the impact of thoughts and words in his research in cell physiology. His findings reveal that virtually every one of our cellular functions is impacted by the electromagnetic fields–the invisible energy forces–produced by our thoughts and words. Knowing this, it’s important to be conscious of how we are composing our life scripts with our words.

But often, instead of choosing our words mindfully, out of habit we speak haphazardly, reporting or describing our experience from our ever-changing perspective.  

Try this for yourself right now.  Say these words aloud and notice the repercussions on your body and soul.

I can’t do it. Life is hopeless.

Now try…

I am powerful! Life if full of possibilities!

Did you notice the heaviness in your body when you spoke of hopelessness? Did you experience a sense of uplift when you declared your power and the fullness of life’s potential?

Language can awaken or poison possibilities. How might we speak differently if we remembered that every word we utter lays down the blueprint for what’s next?

Speaking courageously from your heart immediately anchors you in your true essence and power. This doesn’t mean you’ll be baldly frank, saying whatever comes to mind no matter how brutal. Rather, it means being able to say, “I disagree even if the rest of you agree.” It is your capacity to speak up in a meeting even if you aren’t sure that you know the right answer.

Speech is an extraordinary power: it can inspire nations, heal broken hearts, make love, denounce injustice, or calm a crying child. And it can help you to define and create an extraordinary existence.

Speech Checkup

Reflect upon each of these questions, and answer them on the continuum of “mostly,” “sometimes,” “rarely,” or “never.”

  • Are you intentional with your words?
  • Do you speak from your heart?
  • Are your communications honest?
  • Do your words inspire and uplift others?

Self-awareness–noticing what you’re thinking and how you’re interacting with the world–is a powerful first step. To truly transform through the co-creative power of speech you must first become aware of your impulse to react, feel the tension between your habitual verbal response and who you’d like to be and make a different choice.

A deeper discussion of the 5 Co-Creative Powers, is contained in my book The 5 Co-Creative Powers For Women on The Rise.