Speech – The 4th Co-Creative Power

Speech – The 4th Co-Creative Power

You cannot enter any world for which you do not have a language. ––David Whyte

Speech – The 4th Creative Power Now that you have begun to benefit from the treasure trove of your Feelings, you are perfectly poised to take advantage of the wonderment of words. “In the beginning was the Word.” Sacred texts proclaim that the word is our foundational reality. In the Genesis account of creation, God spoke the world into being. “God said, Let there be light; and there was light.” Judaism has always maintained an enduring link between the word and what is perceived. In biblical Hebrew, the word davar literally means both word and thing. We perceive everyday reality by distinguishing something from its background, by giving it a name, and by calling it by a word. We feel this four-legged thing we’re sitting on and we call it, a chair. We look around the room at familiar objects and call the thing in the corner, a table, and the thing sitting on it, a plant. This process of naming things is not only how we bring things into focus, it is how we create reality. Singling out things from their surroundings and labeling them happens so instinctively that we’re usually not aware of it, nor do we try to exert much control over it. But we can learn to use Speech intentionally to consciously shape our reality. In doing so, we begin to align the power of words with our desire for transformation. We literally talk our way into a more inspired future.

Language Is an Action

Imagine you are holding a pen. Upon closer observation you notice this is a silver metal pen, and then, that this is a black ink ballpoint, silver metal pen. Through awareness we continue to drill down, further distinguishing aspects of the pen by making them conscious. We bring things into being with our awareness and words. If you say this is a beautiful pen, I might disagree because “beautiful” is your subjective reality. But by calling the pen beautiful, it becomes beautiful to you. Language is an action. It’s important to be conscious of how you are composing your life script with your words. Just as a pebble creates ripples in the pond where it is tossed, the words we speak have powerful reverberations. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, points to the impact of thoughts and words in his research in cell physiology. His findings reveal that virtually every one of our cellular functions is impacted by the electromagnetic fields, meaning the invisible energy forces produced by our thoughts and words. Just like our energy, thoughts and feelings, the words we use are creative forces. All it takes is one cruel appraisal from someone we believe in and our wings are clipped, our psyche emblazoned for years.  On the other hand, heartfelt praise or encouraging words from an admired ally can fuel us for a lifetime. But instead of choosing our words mindfully, out of habit we speak haphazardly, often reporting or describing our experience from our ever-changing perspective. We rarely take into account the fact that the way we characterize things is self-fulfilling. For instance, it matters how I answer the question, “How are you?” If I launch into a tirade about how my alarm clock didn’t go off, how there was an accident on the way to work, and how my nosy co-worker made a comment when I walked in late, does this inspire me to reach my potential? Or have I Spiraled myself down? Try this for yourself right now. Say these words aloud and notice the repercussions on your body and soul. I can’t do it. Life is hopeless. or I am powerful! Life is full of possibilities! Language can awaken or poison possibilities. So why aren’t we more conscious of the words we choose and the way we speak? How might we speak differently if we remembered that every word we utter lays down the blueprint for what’s next? Right speech comes naturally when we’re connected with our inner Creative Powers of Energy, Mind and Heart. When we’re aligned with these portals to our inner knowing, we are in touch with who we really are. From this expansive state, our minds, hearts and lips agree. For example, if our Energy is flowing and our Hearts and Mind are engaged, our words easily connect with others. When we’re disconnected from our other Creative Powers, however, it’s much harder to speak intentionally or to remember that our words are vehicles for transformation. Think of the last time you felt inhibited about speaking your truth. Perhaps you felt you had to talk your way out of a difficult situation. Maybe your face flushed or you felt hot in your solar plexus. In those moments, we may find ourselves withholding or twisting the truth in an attempt to control things, how people react to us, or to get what we want. We might speak disingenuously to avoid conflict, hurting people’s feelings, or appearing foolish. Gossiping is another form of inauthentic communication. It might make us feel momentarily superior or bonded to our confidante, but it also sacrifices our integrity. When we’re fearful, we’re out of touch with our authentic power and innate wisdom and our communication is off. When we’re centered in our essence–––our Divine self––we don’t feel the need to embellish, hide or control. But no matter how off-center you might be in any given moment, the Creative Capacity of Conscious Speaking can transform you.

Speaking from the Heart

The root of the word courage is coeur, French for heart. Speaking courageously from the heart immediately anchors us in our true essence. And just like all your other Creative Capacities, once you shift your consciousness in one, it creates a chain effect and the rest align. No matter what my thoughts are doing, if I can make the conscious effort to speak from a place of generosity and kindness, my Energy, Thoughts, Feelings and Actions will soon follow. Speaking from the heart doesn’t mean you’ll be talking incessantly in overly optimistic tones, nor does it mean you’ll be boldly frank, saying whatever comes to mind no matter how brutal. I will show you ways to use your words to make difficult requests, establish boundaries, and purge negativity all while staying related and connected to others. We hold the keys to great power in our expression of the spoken word. But we’re just learning how to use our powers, and evolving ourselves takes work. It doesn’t just happen by itself. It takes skill to learn to speak, not in a habitual, descriptive way––where we just create what we already have––but in an authentic, inventive way where we consciously call the future we want into being. As you bring on board your Creative Power of Speech you will discover how to re-cast your words to redesign your life. Speech is an extraordinary power: it can inspire nations, heal broken hearts, make love, denounce injustice, or calm a crying child. And it can help you to define and invent an extraordinary existence. As you delve deeper into this vital capacity, you will learn to do as the peace and human rights activist Thich Nhat Hanh does: “I vow to learn to speak truthfully, with words that inspire self-confidence, joy and hope.”