Inclusive Leadership Program

Engaging Men as Allies

Sharing power and opportunities at every level is fundamental to moving business forward, together. Spiral Up’s blame-free partner program inspires men to show up as true allies and champions for an inclusive workplace. We open their eyes to the disparities in leadership and the blindspots between genders, and how by working towards gender equality, everybody wins. Men gain the skills and support they need to commit to real, actionable and measurable growth towards a brighter shared future.


“It is the rare opportunity to look at life from the perspective of the other half of our population and to come to terms with the the subtle and not so subtle challenges women confront daily, most of which we (men) are blissfully oblivious. This course provided a newfound awareness and practical skills for recognizing gender bias and addressing it head-on. I venture to say that it has made me and my fellow colleagues into more forward thinking, inclusive and empathetic leaders.”

— Bill Davenport

Program details

Through this ally program that incorporates 5 virtual learning modules, 4 one-on-one coaching sessions and fresh feedback from women peers, we enable men to:

  • Reduce unconscious bias
  • Leverage the contribution and success of women colleagues
  • Employ somatic techniques to stay centered under pressure
  • Improve communication and collaboration between genders
  • Become better allies for women and underrepresented groups
  • Bring about systemic change to blind spots
  • Increase their sponsorship of high-potential women colleagues
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“This program opened my mind and created massive awareness of the female perspective and the “thousand papercuts” a day that they endure. I’m now super aware of the differences in how men and women see the world and approach and solve for problems… and the need for us as men to listen, listen, listen!”

— Director, Global tech company