Team Reinvention Program

Creating Unstoppable Teams

In order to turn groups of individual contributors into a galvanized business unit, you need more than just structural change. You need a profound culture shift around how your people work, how they organize themselves, and how they communicate with each other and your customers.

Spiral Up’s program teaches team members to own their part of this company culture shift by giving them the skills and attitudes for personal excellence and high-performance teamwork. With a focus on your business objectives, we galvanize your team around a singular commitment and give them the skills and tools to be unstoppable.

“The Team Reinvention program caused a marked culture shift in our company. We shifted from strong silos of turf protecting, unproductive working relationships and practices (unproductive meetings, interactions, projects, and a wave of ramifications), to a company-wide commitment to accountability and positive intent for how people work together and get things done. Because of this program we’ve reduced conflict management issues by half, improved efficiency by 30-40% and have a renewed alignment to creating an extraordinary organization.”

— Liezel Barbuto, Director, Learning & Development, TD Ameritrade

Program details

Through this energizing three-part reinvention and coaching program, high-potential teams will:

  • Identify team behaviors that undermine success and engage in new productive practices and strategies
  • Take responsibility for attitude, job satisfaction, and results
  • Create a positive work culture of appreciation and recognition
  • Gain a unified sense of purpose and commitment through a shared identity
  • Shift from reactive and defensive modes into creative, positive action in any situation
  • Reinvent their vision of themselves to reflect their highest standards and ideals
  • Learn a methodology for communicating with difficult people
  • Incorporate simple, yet powerful practices for overcoming obstacles, resolving conflict, and increasing resilience—even in the face of adversity, setbacks or disappointments
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“Thank you for a one of a kind experience to all staff in our organization. Not just directors and above, but this is already trickling down to the ‘worker bees’ that keep the hive alive. The depth and reach of this program will have a long lasting and dramatically positive impact to First Data and to the lives of the people working here. This was a much needed remedy that boosts moral for which customers and investors will recognize! Already in the same week of the training, matter of days, there has been numerous testimonies towards how employees used this unique experience at home and in the office. The empowerment and wellbeing produced a positive home and workplace that will naturally produce high quality results that affect the bottom line.”

— Troy M. Buehler, VP, First Data Corporation