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Spiral Up sees today’s challenges as an opportunity for leaders to grow, evolve and co-create something better, together. Our programs harness untapped business advantage by emboldening and elevating women, engaging men in essential partnerships, and fostering cultures of authenticity and belonging.

What We Do

Spiral Up has been engaging the collaborative power of women and men in service to greater innovation, healthier cultures and bigger impact for decades.

Sketch on yellow background of two women giving each other a high five, representing women in leadership at Spiral Up, founded by Wendy Wallbridge

Women In Leadership

Unlocking Power & Potential

A breakthrough experience that inspires emerging and high-potential leaders to tap into their innate leadership skills, own their voices, cultivate community, and take the bold, authentic actions that drive culture and business forward.

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Sketch on green background of a man on a trapeze catching a woman flying through the air, representing inclusive leadership

Inclusive Leadership

Empowering Men as Allies

Awaken 21st century leaders to their critical role in evolving work culture. Develop their awareness, emotional literacy, and the skills they need to ally effectively—so they’re inspired to co-create structures and systems that help the collective succeed.

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Sketch on blue background of a woman and man holding up a glowing lightbulb, representing executive coaching at Spiral Up, founded by Wendy Wallbridge

Executive Coaching

For Leaders on the Rise

Gain the perspectives, skills and strategies necessary to meet new challenges, identify and harness unique strengths as a leader, assess and mitigate risks, communicate more effectively and cultivate emotional intelligence.

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Organizations We’ve Teamed Up With

These and many others, big and small, committed to inclusive leadership.

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